Monday, 24 October 2011

Anna hum tere saat hai

The recent replies given by the Central Government for the nation wide protests of Anna and his team sounds very funny.... When the whole nation was desperately looking for a leader to lead them ahead, they got Anna... What's wrong in that? The parliamentarains who could not digest this have come out asking who selected Anna? How can he be a leader?... Arre you people fund your elections by all our hard earned money collected as taxes as and when you wish..., you buy your votes by paying for it by the money which you loot... Still you people come out asking such questions with out any shame.... !!! The next time you step on to roads for votes, people will tell you who voted Anna Hazare....

Dear IAC volunteers, what if the central government does not keep up its promise made to Anna?

‘India against Corruption’ campaign ended on a positive note with the central government agreeing to 3 demands of Anna Hazare.... Anna ended his fast on a note- 'Battle is won, but the war is yet to be'.... The involvement of youths with this magnitude in the protests was one of the key factors which brought down the central government on to its knees... What if the central government does not keep up its promise made to Anna?
The masses in the villages could not do much as they had no awareness about the Jan Lokpal bill drafted by team Anna. Dear IAC volunteers in order to keep this movement alive kindly move out to the nearby villages during weekends and conduct camps where you create awareness about the bill, what is the bill capable of, what does it fetch if it gets implemented etc.
This will ensure that the villagers will come out to join the protests once they are given a call by Anna. Also it is said that this movement is by the middle class and of the literate ones. It is so, as they know what they derive out of the bill. But the illiterates do not know much. Create awareness camps and keep the flow. Conduct seminars, debates, quiz programs across the nation in schools, colleges.
Divide the area street, ward and constituency wise. Go on a door to door canvassing too. If this is done you can surely have one person from each home participating in all of your protests. So the numbers increase and the central government and the politicians cannot ‘divide and rule’ the nation by their concoctive versions and stories.
They will always be left with one option and that will be to pass the bill.