Friday, 4 November 2011

It is service and satisfaction which matters, not the money

Aknisree Karthik
Bangalore: Was it your dream or sole interest to serve the society and you couldn’t find any right platform serve the society? Here’s is one. You can become a traffic warden, and serve the society by controlling the traffic by wearing a uniform and it’s so simple.
“Behind every successful man there is a woman” goes a saying. Behind the smooth functioning of Bangalore City Traffic Police, there are the Traffic Wardens, whose services have remained unacknowledged.
What is this Bangalore City Traffic Warden Organisation? What do they do?
BCTWO is a volunteer organization with a motto of road safety. It was set up in1985 on a notification by the Government of Karnataka with the following motives.
-To make the road users aware of their responsibilities in respect of road rules
-To conduct road safety and traffic education campaigns in collaboration with traffic police for the benefit of motorists, pedestrians and school children
-To assist the traffic police in directing and regulating the vehicular and pedestrian traffic, whenever requested upon to do so
-To collect or formulate suggestions for improvement of traffic and forward the same to the higher authorities
 The Bangalore City Police Traffic Warden Organisation has been assisting the City Traffic Police effectively in all its activities right from its inception.
Under whose control are these BCTWO? How many members are there now?
The Commissioner of Police is the chief patron of the BCTWO. There are about 200-250 active people in the present scenario of which 10-15 are women, who are basically doctors, engineers, advocates, teachers, bank employees, business people, industrialists, IT & BT professionals. They have voluntarily joined this organisation with a sole interest to serve the organization and the public.
How they work? How many hours they work?
They compulsorily work for four hours per week. The traffic wardens perform duties in their area twice in a week and few of them throughout the week and assist the traffic police. They also take part during special duties like cricket match, air show, religious functions etc., and work day and night with traffic police. Their role is eminent during traffic chaos caused due to accidents.
Once you join you can select the traffic junction which is near to you, either near your office or home.
Our sources said that the recruitment is going to be held by the end of this year.  All you need to do is apply with all necessary documents. The minimum qualification which was a degree earlier has now been reduced now. Those who have passed PUC or equivalent exams can apply for this. One must be between 20-55 years of age and mainly should not have any criminal background and should not be convicted by the court of law. You must know one local language along with Hindi and English. Once you clear the interview, you will be trained accordingly at the Traffic Training Institute at M G Road for one and half days.
You will not be given any salary. But you can boast that at the end of the day that you have served the society. It is considered to be an honorary work. The respect you derive here is what it matters. You will be given a uniform and a badge.
Also other than controlling traffic, these traffic wardens educate the school children. They are doing education programs from past many years under the banner, “Catch Them Young”.
They visit schools across the Bangalore city. The schools will be divided into zones and a nodal officer will be appointed for it. A team of 2-3 traffic wardens will be visiting the schools in their zone. A one hour educative program will be held along with the distribution of free books which create awareness about traffic rules and regulations.
Traffic wardens will be conducting interactive sessions with the school children. They have also designed an audio-visual presentation for the school children depending upon their ages.
What more? The wardens in association with the Traffic Police will be educating the school children at ‘Traffic Park’ with all the practical set up. The children will have the practical experiences here. They will be educated in how to cross roads, lane discipline, how to get down from a bus, when and where to stop in traffic signals, cycling etc.
“This year we are expecting to teach about one lakh school children. They in turn will be educating and creating awareness about the things they learn here to their parents, friends, brothers and sisters. It is at this age the children will be tender and we can implement the rules at its best among them” said Prof Dr K Mohanan Nambiar, Chief Traffic Warden.

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