Friday, 4 November 2011

Untapped potential of human mind

Aknisree Karthik
Bangalore: All normal human beings have five senses. You hear from your ears, see through your eyes, feel with the skin, taste with the tongue, and smell through your nose. Do you have any sense other than this? I bet that you have it.
Apart from those above said five senses humans have one more sense and that is ‘The Sixth Sense”. Everybody has it in them but they wouldn’t have known about that.
For instance, while walking on a deserted area have you ever felt as if someone is following you and did you really find anyone really following you?  I am sure that you would have experienced this and the thing which poked your mind by hinting someone is following you is what is known as ‘The Sixth Sense’.
Here is Praveen C A, a mentalist who can train and guide you to develop your “Sixth Sense”. What more? He can enter your mind and pluck out your thoughts. There are only few select people who know to enter the minds of the people and tell them what their thoughts.
We caught up with Praveen after he performed all his mind readings, magics, spoon bends etc at an interactive session with the media here in the city recently said “Everyone has that sixth sense in them up to a certain degree. The only thing is they fail to use and train it. For example it is like a muscle and you need to exercise it so that you can flex and pose it”.
“The sixth sense is probably the most hilarious, captivating, interactive, motivating and baffling show one would have ever seen. It is a unique way of entertaining people and not many people know about it. There are hardly very few people who do it in an intellectual and professional way” said Praveen.
When we asked Praveen about how he achieved and mastered this art he said “I always did this as my pass time when I was in my navy. My wife Feena happens to be a psychiatrist. The common thing we always discussed was about the way people think, their behavior and psychology. I was inspired by the TV shows of magician Darin Brown. I reached this stage by studying many book on human psychology”.
He is capable of many things which one must see to believe it. The range of his abilities includes speed calculation, heightened memory, subliminal suggestions, psycokinesis.
He can bend a metal spoon by combining his mental powers and applying it on it. He even has the potential to break it by just concentrating by using his mental powers.
In his ‘mind experiments’ he asks some of the people from the audience to volunteer and select a book of their choice from the bunch of book he offers. The volunteer can think of a word from any page of a book selected at random from a choice of books given to him. The mentalist will unlock the volunteer’s mind and reveal what word he was thinking.
The Mentalist who was born and brought up in Kerala is also an expert in revealing your thoughts of your childhood friends name, a geometrical design, your mobile numbers, the colour you think etc.
“It is all about practice and correct timing one must have to enable these acts successfully. I may not be correct at all the times but I achieve 99% out of 100% most of the times” said Praveen.
Praveen has many things in his store for the school children and corporates. “As we advance, children are fed with new knowledge and the schools do not teach the children to remember it. What they do is, they make the children to learn all the things by heart with more repetitions”.
He has logical and new techniques which will increase ones memory power irrespective of their age. It will increase your level of intuition and the hidden potential of sixth sense.

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