Friday, 4 November 2011

It’s all about Kannada….

Aknisree Karthik
Bangalore: When most of the software engineers elope to foreign countries forgetting their motherland just to multiply the money they earn, here is Lakshmikanth V who has taken a U turn by setting an example to all those who fail to contribute to their country and its language.
Are you a hardcore Kannadigas who has been searching for the right place where you can find all Kannada books, movies and CDs.  Here is ‘Total’ an answer to all your search related to Kannada.
Must be wondering how it started so here is the answer for you ?
Lakshmikanth V who happens to be a software engineer quit his well-paid job in the United States and came all the way back to ‘Namma  Bengaluru’ to contribute something  worthy for the is language he loved right from his childhood. Lakshmikanth, the founder of Total spoke to and said “I always had passion for the language but I could not do anything about it.  I could not see Kannada books being shelved under the regional category in leading book stores in the city which was very disappointing, there I decided to open an exclusive showroom for all the Kannada buffs”.
Total is sure to greet all its customers with a new pinch of experience which they would not have experienced anywhere else in the city.  The owner claims that he has a collection of 9000 books, 2500 movies, 500 audio CDs, CD roms, greetings, T shirts and wrist watches etc.
“Till now about 3000 movies are released in Kannada of which I have 2500 collections with me.  When I was in my pre university, I had written letters to the theater owners requesting them to run Kannada movies but I could not do anything more than writing letters. I had written articles to some of the leading Kannada papers too.  Even today, I am striving hard to get the copy rights of many Kannada movies to convert it into DVDs but I am not getting the proper response. When I was working in the US, I used to visit all the book show rooms over there and ended up seeing all other books on Indian languages but could not find any on my mother tongue, so I started a website –Total in 2001.
I posted articles on Kannada. I gradually started to import Kannada books to US and started to sell it.  As the days passed my collection of books rose and I had no place to store it then something stuck me and I thought that why should not I go back to my country and start my own book store exclusively for Kannada.  So here I am now” smiled Lakshmikanth V.
The T shirts which are sold here contains kannada quotes printed on it like “Mande Bisi”,  “Wonder Gunnu”, “Ella Okay Ellenedrelli Kasa Bisadodhu Yaake” and some other humourours and interesting civic sense quotes.
There is a piece of good news for the students because they can learn all their poems line by line with meanings and themes conveyed on the same of  through audio CDs and those who missed out their favorite teleserials can get in DVDs.
Ravikanth has plans of converting great novels into audio where one can listen to the audio and understand the story. He has plans to convert Masti Venkatesh Iyengar’s-Sanna Kathegalu, stories of Ganesh Ayya and Beechy etc.
What more could you expect?  Lakshmikanth his team has ensured that his books are available in mobile vans which will be going all around the city catering to the needs of Kannada buffs who have spread all over the city.  You can also place your orders online by logging into Total and the things what you have ordered will reach you crossing all the geographical boundaries by post or courier without any delay.

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