Friday, 4 November 2011

Kannada novels in the comic book format

Worried that your children do not have the habit of reading novels. Gift them a Indya Comics book, they will surely cultivate it says Aknisree Karthik
Bangalore: How do you feel when somebody tells that you can read renowned Kannada novels in comic book format without diluting their theme and seriousness within half an hour?
Here is Indya Comics, a Bangalore based firm that aims at creating awareness about the rich heritage of Kannada novels among children. Indya Comics aims to enhance reading habits. It appends knowledge and networks the reader to their literary roots apart from depicting a gripping novel in a simple, concise and enjoyable manner. It takes you through the literary world of India and connects you to the Indian literary heritage.
How do Indya Comics work?
They have a team that works towards selecting eminent Kannada novels. Their art team gives shape to the main characters in the novel. The background team works towards giving the binge of feel in which the entire novel runs. The scripting team writes the script for the comic novel.
The comic books will have a summary of the whole story at the beginning. An introduction to the main characters of the comic will also be there. Novels that normally run into several hundred pages are reduced to about 2,500 words in about 32 pages and come with attractive illustrations. Though works are condensed, care is taken to see that nothing is misrepresented.
 “It is sad that students pass out of schools and colleges without knowing anything about our Indian culture and heritage. The literary heritage of India is as old as civilization itself, the greatness and pro-foundity of Indian literature is manifested among its several regional language publications” said B S Raghuram of Indya Comics.
“We select novels from seven Indian languages- Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and Malayalam and convert it into comic book format. Novels with positive social meaning are selected. We do not select novels with vulgur outlook. By our comics we make children develop optimistic and positive attitude. We have a selection team. It takes about two months to convert one novel into comic book format. We have art team which works on painting the characters for the novel. Our background team works in giving the feel in which the novel runs, say the period in which the novel was written, setting of the village etc. Our scripting team will work towards the script” added Raghuram.
“We have already released four Kannada novels-Dr Anupama Niranjana’s ‘Madhavi’, Sudha Murthy’s ‘Dollar Sose’, Aa Na Kru’s ‘Sandhyaraga’ and Beechi’s ‘Aridha Chaha’. These 32 pages book is priced at Rs 50. One can buy and view our novels online also. Our team is working towards many other such eminent novels. Several schools like Jain School and Surana have made our comic novels as a part of their curriculum by prescribing our novels for projects”.
“We pay royalty to the novels which we convert. In this fast moving world people find no time to spare to read novels. We convert the novels into comics without hampering the main jist or theme of the novel. One should love Kannada and promote Kannada. Parents should encourage reading habits in their children. We are getting enthusiastic response from the people. We are constantly working in converting many novels and have plans to release one comic book every month” said Raghuram. 
These comic books are available in all leading book stores across the state. Interested can visit ‘ or dial 080-40849999 for further details.

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