Friday, 4 November 2011

“Parents and teachers please watch out”

Aknisree Karthik
Bangalore: Children are those who are very busy and are constantly trying out different all types of indoor and outdoor games to keep them entertained. We checked out as which type of game the children of today’s generation like the most. It’s the cyber where the children hit at to play both online and offline games.
The shocking thing is that most of the games played by the children below teenage have only the destructive factor. The much more shocking thing is that these games are comprised of obscene scenes and other things which are not needed for the children at this age.
Such games have taken a toll in the molding of the attitude in among them. “I like to play a particular game because if I win in that game I will be kissed by a girl. Also if I get bored, I can press a button where a girl will come and sit next to me in my bike” said Suresh, a student of St Joseph’s Primary School.
The student further added that most of his batch mates play the same game for hours together. There are games which have no end; the game will never end at all. “I feel excited when I see my name in the top scorer list for the whole Bangalore city. I spent days together to achieve that by sacrificing my sleep and food” said a busy teenage boy who answered us while he was playing at a cyber café at Chamrajpet.
The games of today’s generation had no end. We even found students who said that they were playing the same game years together. “They play for at least 3-4 hours a day. There are games where one can play the same game along with his friends with different computers. Today’s games are filled with guns, blood, flesh and all anti-social things which has a great influence in molding the character of the children. They go out and implement the things which they saw in the games. They ride their cycles and bikes very rashly. Also they experiment the different stunts also” said a cyber café owner who didn’t wish to disclose is name.
“They don’t take any precautionary measure like wearing any spectacle to avoid the rays and glares emitted from the systems. They even do not care about their fingers which they use to play the games for hours” added the café owner.
The physical education is given least importance due to all above factors. They fail to concentrate in their academics too and the most discussed thing among the peer group in the class room is about that day’s top scorer among them. The top scorer is seen with respect and this in turn kindles the others to play the game whole night by skipping their daily school assignments sitting in front of computers for hours to break the record of their friends. The children even have to do lot of circus in arranging money to pay the fees at the cyber cafes as their pocket money will not enough to bare the game played by them for hours together.
 “In 2004, a survey was conducted for the top ten violent channels. Among the top ten three channels were exclusive children ones. If just TV channels have this much impact, we can just imagine about the impact of the games. The parents need to surely monitor their children. A child comes home after his school by 4 pm and sits in front of TV or computer till 8 pm. This time must be filled or replaced with some interesting things or games like puzzles etc which will occupy them and which will be useful also. These games are just like drug and alcohol addiction which needs to be removed with the help of parents and teachers by conducting regular discussions with psychologists” said Dr Akila Sadasivan, a child Neuro Expert.
We requests the parents and the faculty fraternity to create some awareness among the school children about the ill effects of violent games which over shadows their other potential hidden talents by organising regular discussions.

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