Friday, 4 November 2011

The real meaning behind the lines-"Ganesha banda: Chikkere gedda, dodda gere biddha

Do you know the real meaning of the lines "Chikkere gedda, dodda kere biddha" chanted during the Ganesha festive?
Our forefathers had framed this line with loads of meaning....
In those days every village had its own lakes and other water bodies. It was the duty of every villager to clean up the lake when it goes dry. But many villagers ignored it and did not take part in the de-silting activity.
So the concept of ganesha festival was cleverly planned where the villagers moulded a ganesha idol from the clay derived out of the water bodies in their villages.
They worshipped that idol with all respect. They moved to the nearby villages to dissolve the worshipped idols. This ensured that the mineral resources in the idols gets distributed to the water bodies in other villages too.
As time elapsed the clay ganesha was given some paint and other decorative things just for business which is posing a serious threat to the nature.   

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